Master Trader Program

A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living

Oliver L. Velez, the trading industry's most recognized educator has designed a brand new training program specifically designed for traders who harbor the desire to earn their entire livelihood from the markets. iFT Master Trader Program: A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living will walk the trader through several very specific styles that are best suited for what Mr. Velez calls "high octane trading." When the goal is to earn a living from the markets, there are only a small handful of styles that are appropriate.

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Trade with Oliver Velez' Money

No Risk to You! Start with $75,000!

The iFT Master Trader Programs are so powerful that each full-fledged graduate is drafted by our preferred professional trading organization and given access to $75,000 in buying power to trade at no risk to the student. After certain performance requirements are met, the student can trade with as much as $11,000,000 in buying power. The trading firm absorbs all losses, while the trader shares in the net profits derived from his trading. Traders who join our elite trading team enjoy some of the best payouts and institutional privileges in the industry. Call us right now to find out if you have what it takes to become a member of one of the fastest growing proprietary trading teams in the United States.

iFT Trading Videos & Tutorials

  • Oliver Velez: The Elephant Walk

    In this special presentation, Oliver Velez will teach you how to profit along side of institutional money.

  • Dr. Mielcarski: Trade Strategy

    Watch Dr. Dan Mielcarski as he analyzes the market, calls trades, and leads iFT traders throughout the trading day.

  • Dr. Mielcarski: Live Trading Session

    In this recorded Open House, you will witness the power of iFT's trading methods as our master traders pull profits from the market live.

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What People Are Saying

"I think you guys have put together a truly remarkable program to allow a person like myself the ability to seriously become a professional trader."
- John Dyer

"I retired four years ago from IBM and have spent 10's of thousands on training from Investools, Fishback, Carter, OptionForecast, etc. None of these comes close to the value I received this week."
- Bill Schwaner