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What is the ATMS?
iFT Automated Trade Management System is a sophisticated software that automates the management of Forex and CFD trading based on the proprietary trailing management strategies of Oliver L. Velez, the very same tactics used and taught at iFundTraders Forex program. Once traders identify a good trade entry the ATMS can be used to enter the trade with its risk management tools to achieve improved trading consistency. The ATMS can then manage the trade automatically according to the trader's management settings helping traders keep to their trading plan, avoid letting their emotions interfere with their trades and helping many traders keep their winning trades run longer and minimize their losing trades.

Some of the Key Benefits of the ATMS

  • Sophisticated cutting edge gray box technology to manage trades based on world-renowned trader Oliver Velez’s trading strategies.
  • Traders find the trade entries and use the ATMS to enter the trades and then let the ATMS do the tedious work of managing the trades for possibly hours and days!
  • The ATMS includes money-management features to assist traders in keeping to their intended risk per trade and improve consistency in their trading.
  • The ATMS helps traders develop their discipline and stick to their trading plans.
  • Traders can easily change stop-loss and target settings directly from the chart.
  • Many traders find that once they perform the chart analysis and find a good trade entry, they setup the targets and trailing strategies with the ATMS Pro and then can free themselves from the anxiety of watching their profit and loss go up and down.
  • Many traders simply step away from the computer and let the ATMS manage their trade. They find that the ATMS helps them keep their winning trades run longer and keep their losing trades smaller, with better results over time.
  • The ATMS allows traders to get more sleep and spend more time with friends and family while automatically managing the trades.
  • Automatic lot size allocation based on traders settings of risk amount.
  • Customize the ATMS to your preferences or use the default settings.

ATMS Features
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