Trader Coaching

Once you have completed one of iFT's superior training programs, you may want to continue ongoing coaching directly with an iFT professional trader who can provide you ongoing support and guidance on your journey to trading mastery.

The iFT Trader Coaching Program offers students the ability revisit training curriculum with a specific focus on core aspects of the material.

Students will discuss comprehensive topics as they relate to the concepts taught in iFT's proprietary training programs.

iFT's Trader Coaching Program is available from the comfort of your home or office via live, online, interactive sessions.


If you are looking for personalized attention in a one-on-one, or group program whose primary goal is to make you a profitable and successful trader, there is no more effective form of trading education available anywhere. By working closely with a personal trading coach who has already traveled the difficult path and faced the many challenges in the markets that are foreign to the novice, you will dramatically curtail the money-losing period of trial and error that so many other traders must suffer through.

Like a trainer for a championship fighter, your coach is totally committed to keeping you in the ring of battle. As you slug it out each day in the market, you will meet with your coach on a regular basis who will help you execute a trading business plan through a program of discipline and hard work.

Prior to iFT's Trader Coaching Program, the aspiring trader did not have many choices when trying to find a professional trader willing to share the priceless lessons learned in a one-on-one relationship over many months. This is exactly why we have created the iFT Trader Coaching Program for our students. By leveraging the talents of the professional traders trained and developed by iFT, we are able to pair those who desire trading success with those who have already faced the difficult battles of the market and have persevered.

Speed up that day in which you can truly call yourself a master trader by taking advantage of iFT's Trader Coaching Program.

*Group class size is kept to a maximum of 5 students, which creates an intimate educational setting and guarantees plenty of personal attention for all attendees.

**Sessions will be offered by appointment only.