Equity Training Courses

Equity Training Seminar

The trading industry's most recognized team of educators, has designed a brand new course that specifically caters to traders who harbor the desire to earn their entire livelihood from the markets. This powerful course will walk the trader through several very specific styles that are best suited for "high consistency trading." When the goal is to earn a living from the markets, there are only a small handful of styles that are appropriate.

The investment mind-set must be put aside by the professional trader. The wealth mind-set as well must be reserved for other areas of one's financial life. The real professional trader understands that the name of the game is smaller profits, but smaller profits that are derived with extremely high consistency. In a very real sense, the talented income-generating trader is looking to become the personification of an ATM machine. He wants to be skillful at making small, but very consistent withdrawals from the market, each and every day, if not each and every hour.

Let one of the best instructional teams in the business teach you the same "high-octane" trading styles used by our own traders.

You will learn:

  • •How to trade morning gaps at the open for near instantaneous profits each day;
  • •How to determine which gaps to fade (trade against) and which ones to run with;
  • •How to make the first 30-minutes of the day your most profitable period;
  • •How to make the last 90-minutes of the day your second most profitable period;
  • •How to turn the mid-day doldrums into your most consistent income-generating period of the day;
  • •How to make the biggest profits from stocks that are declining;
  • •How to make your profits and your consistency soar in flat markets;
  • •How to trade against the prevailing trend, professionally;
  • •How to profit from the fact that 72% of all breakouts fail;
  • •How to determine which breakouts are likely to fail versus those that are likely to explode;
  • •How to profit from the fact that more than 60% of all new highs fail;
  • •How to profit from the fact that the second move in a stock is usually its biggest;
  • •How Market Makers and NYSE Specialists profit from retail traders each day;
  • •How to turn 65% of your losing trades into winners with one simple strategy;
  • •How to accurately pick tops and bottoms with five powerful tactics;
  • •How to benefit from the 3 most powerful reversal times each day;
  • •How to ride a stock for maximum profits with three incredible trailing stop methods;
  • •How to increase profits with iFundTraders’ incremental sell approach;
  • •And much, much more.

And that's not all:
- Learn how to become eligible to trade with $75,000 in buying power or more, while you learn the trading methods;
- Learn how iFundTraders will refund your entire educational fee by offering you a 100% payout on all profitability until the entire course fee is recouped;
- Learn why professional traders will always have an edge on retail traders;
- Learn how to trade at iFundTraders’ preferred trading firm at an institutional trading rate, one of the lowest in the industry.

Let one of the most expert team of traders and educators in the financial world teach you all the tactics and strategies their elite team of traders use to pull consistent, day-to-day profits out of the market.

*Program fee refers to iFT's proprietary training material only which is provided immediately upon payment processing. The instructional course referenced above, which accompanies iFT's proprietary training material, is included complimentary as a courtesy to members to assist with the academic assimilation of the training material purchased.