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Earn a Living in the Markets: Using Three Powerful Tactics

2-Hour Free Workshop

In this special 2-hour free workshop, iFundTraders instructors, will teach you how you can earn your living in the markets with the only three trading tactics that deliver profits every single day. These three income-generating trading tactics are the same ones used by our professional team of traders.

Over the course of two power-packed hours, you'll learn:

  • •Three of our most reliable trading tactics and how to use them in your everyday trading;
  • •The most accurate entry method used by iFundTraders;
  • •How to find the key stocks in play every day;
  • •How to exploit the stocks in the news each day;
  • •How to ride the prevailing trend of a stock for maximum profits;
  • •The best protective stop method used to minimize risk;

Many beginning market participants fail to realize that the mastery of two or three reliable trading tactics is all that is required to earn a living in the markets. In fact, having more than three can actually be harmful. Most professional traders are minimalists when it comes to their market activity. They specialize in exploiting only two or three repetitive events, using sound money management, and strict risk controls. The key, however, is finding the right events to trade.

Learn directly from a team of expert instructors how you can increase your profits each and every day and dramatically increase your consistency using this three tactic formula.

The iFundTraders Master Trader Program: Also, learn how you can become a professional trader through the iFundTraders program and be completely funded starting with $75,000 of buying power. If you harbor a desire to eventually trade for a living, then this free event, Earn a Living in the Markets: Using Three Powerful Tactics is a must attend event.