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We appreciate the opportunity to show you our professional approach to trading the markets and how we can help you profit from it. We hope that the educational tips you learn from our free weekly service suite will prove to be useful in improving your investment and trading performance. However, your educational journey to trading mastery should not end here. iFT provides a complete educational training curriculum and full account funding for those desiring to raise their level of market sophistication. Through this comprehensive curriculum iFT teaches individuals the art of active, self-directed trading.

FREE Weekly Service Suite - Overview:

On a weekly basis, you will receive:

iFT Forex Tip of the Week
This service is updated every Tuesday by Jonathan Velez

iFT’s Forex Tip of the Week providers comprehensive lessons, every Tuesday that are sure to heighten your trading acumen and raise your level of market sophistication. Each report is designed to equip the reader with a brand new Forex trading tool or tactic that can be used to immediately take money out of the global currency markets. When appropriate, actual trades will be reviewed, including proposed new Forex trade ideas for education and paper trading.

iFT Automated Trader
This service is updated every Wednesday by Jonathan Velez

Automated trading and black box robotics represent the most fascinating area of the world’s financial arena today. iFT's Automated Trading Division currently develops black box software systems that are designed to exploit market opportunities every second of the trading day, without any human intervention. Each week, we'll demonstrate the latest advancements and techniques in automated trade management and how iFT's ATMS Pro and iSAP technologies are helping traders increase their income potential.

iFT Option Tip of the Week
This service is updated every Thursday by Jay Frey

Intelligently incorporating option strategies into your trading arsenal will allow you to objectively speculate, hedge, or generate monthly premium in ways not available to those that trade equities alone. The successful use of options requires a willingness to learn what they are, how they work, and what risks are associated with particular options strategies. Through lessons and real option examples, the iFT Option Tip of the Week will guide you through basic option theory to advanced practice and application.

iFT Educational Reports
This service is updated on select days

Here you will find a collection of educational reports written personally by Oliver Velez and his key editorial staff. These special reports will be issued periodically on select days and cover many of the same trading strategies that Mr. Velez has taught to professional traders the world over. Discussions will educate readers on a variety of topics such as Trading Psychology, Trade Management, Market Timing and Winning Technical Patterns.

Additional services:

iFT Personal Phone Consultations
This service is offered daily by the Admissions Department

Speak with an iFT Admissions Counselor and get your questions answered. With an iFT Counselor, you will have the chance to discuss your current trading experience and how iFT can help you proceed through the educational path that is right for you and your trading style. To schedule your appointment please call 1-866-877-6124 and ask to speak with an iFT Admissions Counselor.