Futures Training Courses

Futures Training Seminar

The trading industry's most recognized team of educators, have designed a brand new course that specifically caters to traders who harbor the desire to earn their entire livelihood from the markets. This powerful course will walk the trader through several very specific styles that are best suited for "high consistency trading." When the goal is to earn a living from the markets, there are only a small handful of styles that are appropriate.

This exceptional course will take the trader through several very specific styles that are well suited for "high consistency” or “high odds” trading in the Futures & Commodities markets. Each specific market has its own unique edge, whether it is Currencies, Equity indices, or Futures you will learn how to master them all.  During this 2 day seminar, they will teach you both short term and long term strategies which will lead not only to your understanding, but mastery of this market.

You will learn:

    • How to spot high probability price patterns
    • Specific examples of high probability short term scalping tactics in the futures market that can make you an extremely profitable and versatile trader
    • How to use a different array of charts other than time based, such as Tick and Range charts to increase your risk/reward significantly on trades
    • How to spot critical and extremely profitable turning points in the market which tend to result in explosive moves
    • How to stay in trades for the big move using 4 different trailing stop methods.
    • How to spot events in the market that would allow you to ascertain the odds for a big gain or a small one any particular trade
    • How to spot the inflow of large institutional money into the market for either small or quick moves (scalp trades), or larger more sustained moves.
    • How to trade the open of virtually any market and be finished for the day
    • How to plot support and resistance points and trade profitably from them.
    • How to use pivot points like never before.
    • What price levels to watch for and which ones to avoid.
    • How to conduct a thorough top down analysis from the highest time frames down to the lowest time frames for maximum profit opportunities
    • How to spot short term opportunities using the power of the higher time frames
    • The 7 main reversal signs in the market
    • The 4 most powerful candlestick bars that produce follow through more than 80% of the time
    • How to determine which times of the day are the best to trade and which ones to avoid all together
    • How to use the market reversal times to increase your profits
    • And much, much more.

Let one of the most expert team of traders and educators in the financial world teach you all the tactics and strategies their elite team of traders use to pull consistent, day-to-day profits out of the market.

*Program fee refers to iFT's proprietary training material only which is provided immediately upon payment processing. The instructional course referenced above, which accompanies iFT's proprietary training material, is included complimentary as a courtesy to members to assist with the academic assimilation of the training material purchased.