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Futures Trading Program


The trading industry's most recognized team of educators, Oliver Velez, world renown Trader and Advisor to Financial institutions around the globe, author of the best-selling book Tools and Tactics for the Master Trader, and one of the pioneers of self-directed trading, will help you enter the elite world of real professional Futures & Commodities trading. This exceptional course will take the trader through several very specific styles that are well suited for "high consistency” or “high odds” trading in the Futures & Commodities markets. Each specific market has its own unique edge, whether it is Currencies, Equity indices, or Futures you will learn how to master them all.  During this 2 day seminar, they will teach you both short term and long term strategies which will lead not only to your understanding, but mastery of this market.
The U.S. futures and commodities market is one of the most dynamic and fast moving markets in the world. It's widely understood that the opportunities in these markets are limitless, but having the proper guidance is key to success. Whether you are looking for extra income, a full time career, or to expand on your current trading knowledge, IFT can take you farther and more in depth than any other trading firm can. Our futures and commodities 2 day intensive course will take you inside what real institutional money managers do to take consistent profits out of the market day by day. You will be taught a wealth of Oliver’s high octane trading methods and various trend-following techniques that have been analyzed and modified over many years to increase profits and reduce risk. In what seems to be an extremely complex and confusing market place, you will learn how to navigate your way to success.  iFT will show you how you can improve your trading, by simply applying the strategies taught in this course, to new found profitability.

With this course, coupled with our daily live trading chat-room, you will learn directly from our elite team of expert traders on how you can increase your profits every day and dramatically increase your consistency using our most powerful trading tactics.

Program Highlights:

- Master the basics of Futures for your trading arsenal.

- Learn easy, step-by-step Futures strategies for increasing profitability with less risk.

- Be shown trade examples on how to apply what you are taught.

- Learn the safest ways to trade Futures and how to take consistent monthly profits.

- Get the education you need to avoid the pitfalls, before you start to trade real money.

- Match your Futures trading strategies to your personal investment goals.

- Be able to immediately apply these techniques to your trading from day one.

Program Privileges:

• The best available educational seminar on trading Futures, as we will teach you exactly what you need to know.

• Educational system, which can be successfully completed online.

• Developed and is being delivered by the incredible iFundTraders Instructional Staff.

• An exceptional iFundTraders Futures Manual, developed specifically for iFundTraders, within our Futures program.

• Unlimited online FREE retakes of the 2day Futures training seminar.

• Non-expiring subscription to the Private Live Strategy Sessions

• Non-expiring subscription to the Private Live Study Sessions

• Non-expiring subscription to the Intraday Trigger Signals

• One Month FREE subscription to the Futures Trading Room

• One Month FREE Futures Data Feed (Live Demo Futures Trading Account)

• Non-expiring subscription discount to the Futures Trading Room (Save $300 from standard monthly rate or $3,600 yearly!)

• And more…

Retakes – iFundTraders Futures Program students get free retakes of all iFundTraders Futures training events free of charge.

*Program fee refers to iFT's proprietary training material only which is provided immediately upon payment processing. The instructional course referenced above, which accompanies iFT's proprietary training material, is included complimentary as a courtesy to members to assist with the academic assimilation of the training material purchased.