Forex Training Courses

Mastering the 24hr Forex Market:
How to get Trained and Funded with $75,000 to Start

2-Hour Free Workshop

In this special 2-hour educational seminar, Oliver Velez, international best-selling author, world-renowned trader, advisor, and one of the pioneers of self-directed trading, along with his team of expert instructors, will help you enter the inner world of real professional Forex trading by teaching you several of Oliver’s high-octane trading methods and various trend-following techniques that have been tweaked to pull ever increasing amounts of money from the Forex market. 24-hour trading, which Oliver has been promoting and predicting since 1994 is truly here and he wants to show you how to harness and exploit this dynamic market for huge profit potential.

Over the course of two power-packed hours, you'll learn:

  • • How to apply several of Oliver's indispensable trading tactics and techniques designed to capture explosive trends in the lucrative 24-hour Forex market;
  • • The significant advantages of incorporating these high-octane methods in your trading plan, using live examples in seven of the key currency pairs;
  • • How to dramatically increase your accuracy and your profit potential using Oliver's proven trend-following techniques;
  • • Specific examples that illustrate the power of trading Forex overnight using Oliver's world-renowned Swing Trading tactics;
  • • How you can harness the power of IFT's custom designed version of the industry leading MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Platform.

Learn directly from this unmatched team of expert instructors how you can increase your profits each and every day and dramatically increase your consistency using a powerful trading formula.

The iFundTraders Master Forex Trader Program: Also, learn how you can become a professional trader through the iFundTraders program and be completely funded starting with $75,000 of buying power. If you harbor a desire to eventually trade for a living, then this free event, Mastering the 24hr Forex Market: How to get Trained and Funded with $75,000 to Start is a must attend event.