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Forex Live Trading Lab

Hailed as one of the trading industry's most influential people, Oliver Velez is renowned for his work around the globe educating traders in the art of earning a living from the markets. In this powerful "live" trading laboratory, Mr. Velez distills over twenty years of experience to offer one of the richest insights into the exact methods and techniques required to transform retail traders into professional traders who desire to Trade for a Living.

This intensive course moves theory to actual practice by giving the student the ability to actually trade the iFundTraders concepts live. Each attendee will be given the ability to trade the iFundTraders Forex account during various periods of each day. Those who finish the course will be eligible to be accepted into the iFundTraders Professional Trader Program. In this program, each trader is given $75,000 in buying power to start, with the potential to trade with as much is $11,000,000 in buying power. All profits earned are split between the trader and the firm, but only after 100% of the entire education training fee is recouped. This in effect, makes the iFundTraders program absolutely free.

The goal of this course is to set the student firmly on the path to trading success, so that his/her trading career with iFundTraders will be a prosperous one.

Outline: Each student will be taught:

  • • Forex trading tactics and strategies;
  • • Advanced chart pattern recognition techniques;
  • • Trade management techniques;
  • • How and when to use the three most powerful entry strategies;
  • • How to employ Oliver’s trailing stop methods;
  • • How to handle disaster when it strikes;
  • • How to find and ride the market’s prevailing trend;
  • • Oliver’s four exit techniques;
  • • How to use the industry leading Meta Trader 4 trading software
  • • How to set up your charts and page creation for maximum effectiveness
  • • And much, much more

Those who finish the course will be automatically be eligible to participate in the iFundTraders Professional Trader Program. In this program, each trader becomes a pro and is initially given $75,000 in buying power with which to profit from the iFundTraders Method of Trading. All profits will go to the trader until the entire educational fee has been recouped. Thereafter, profits are shared between the trader and the firm. See iFundTraders Trader Advancement for more details.

This powerful Live Trading Lab offers what no other educational session does: the ability to practice and learn sound trading techniques without putting your own money at risk. Remember, no education is ever complete without a period of monitored, live trading sessions. Theory must become practice and practice must become perfection. In this session it will.

*Program fee refers to iFT's proprietary training material only which is provided immediately upon payment processing. The instructional course referenced above, which accompanies iFT's proprietary training material, is included complimentary as a courtesy to members to assist with the academic assimilation of the training material purchased.