Junior Trading Academy

Oliver L. Velez Junior Trading Academy - Summer Program

Discover your passion this summer at iFundTraders! Whether you're exploring a new interest or simply want to experience professional trading firsthand, you are certain to find that the Oliver Velez Junior Trading Academy will set you apart from your high school peers and leave a lasting impression for years to come. iFundTraders provides students with the most innovative, creative and successful market preparation regimen in the world, taught by industry professionals and spearheaded under the leadership of world renowned master trader; Oliver L. Velez.

The iFundTraders Junior Summer Program reflects Oliver L. Velez’ longstanding commitment to youth training and career development for young people the world over. Join us and allow your youth to develop the skills today that will foster tomorrow’s success!

Summer Program Highlights:

• Must be a high school student (or middle / junior high)
• Live Trading Sessions with iFT Master Traders
• Professional Trading Platform & Trading Account
• Learn iFT Trading Strategies and Tactics
• Daily Trading Activity
• Focused Watchlist and Stock Universe
• Youth Trading Contests and Prizes
• Access to iFT’s Real-Time Trading Room
• Upgrade Option: Advance to iFT’s Prop Trader Program
• And More...

Let one of the most expert team of traders and educators in the financial world teach you all the tactics and strategies their elite team of traders use to pull consistent, day-to-day profits out of the market.


*Program fee refers to iFT's proprietary training material only which is provided immediately upon payment processing. The instructional course referenced above, which accompanies iFT's proprietary training material, is included complimentary as a courtesy to members to assist with the academic assimilation of the training material purchased.