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iFundTraders, LLC. To Launch Their Latin America Division and Increase Their Presence in the Global Market

(For Immediate Release, New York, New York) 8, February 2011 - In a move to provide educational training,
trading and funding for individuals who have an interest in professionally trading the financial markets for a living,
iFundTraders, LLC. announced their expansion into the vast Latin America Region. This newly created division will
carry out the company’s paramount goals, allowing individuals for the first time ever to get trained, funded and paid
as professional traders. This is a unique leading opportunity presented to the LatAm trading community. iFundTraders,
LLC. is one of the United States’ top educational-based trading firms that have consistently provided an exceptional
platform for individuals to become some of the most highly skilled traders in the world. iFundTraders, LLC. will also
provide their website and training in Spanish, coupled with a Spanish speaking support system to strengthen this
strategic cultural partnership.

iFundTraders, LLC currently has more than 2,000 traders worldwide and has built a solid reputation for providing sound
trading methodologies, state-of-the-art technology and capital to its trader base. With the interest in trading in Latin
America on the rise, this benchmark expansion is the next logical step towards the company’s global expansion goals.

“iFundTraders, LLC is the manifestation of a dream I’ve been fostering for over 10 years. Through our well trained
instructors, our state-of-the-art technology and our vast financial resources, I am proud to be able to begin the work
of raising the level of market sophistication and eradicating the many deficiencies experienced by traders in the Latin
America region,” says Oliver L. Velez, founder of iFundTraders, LLC.

“We are excited about IFT’s expansion into Latin America. Our approach is creating awareness and career opportunities
to the active trading community throughout the region. We have been able to deliver the only program available
that combines training, trading, technology and funding all in one place. If anyone is truly serious about pursuing a
professional trading career in either the equity and/or FOREX markets, we invite them to join our amazing revolution,”
states Alejandro Rodriguez, Head of Latin America for iFundTraders, LLC.

About IFundTraders, LLC

IFundTraders.com, LLC is New York City based educational trading firm that educates and prepares individuals to enter
into the professional world of trading equities, currencies and futures for a living. Unlike firms that require traders to
put their own capital at risk when establishing a trading account, iFundTraders, LLC offers traders the opportunity to
develop their trading careers without the need for personal funding.