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Trade For Wealth and iFT student looking for a million dollar payday!!!

TFW:  I would like to start by congratulating you on a very nice trade.  I understand you are currently                      
riding a wining trade in the seven figure range, is this correct?

TK:  Yes, the trade is worth a little over 1.6 million and I am still holding and expecting higher price ahead.

TFW:  WOW! That is indeed a great trade. Tell us how you became invested in JDSU?

TK:  About five years ago I invested 600k in JDSU when it was around $15 because of a belief shared and
taught by Oliver Velez in the Trade for Wealth program, that when bad things happen to rich companies,   
there is a wealth opportunity for the investor/trader.

TFW:  So you are a Trade For Wealth member?

TK:  Yes. I have been since 2010, and I am also a member of both the day trading programs – the
iFT Forex and Equity Master Trader programs.

TFW:  Since you owned JDSU before, did seeing that stock called as an official play last year give you
even more confidence in the position you were already holding, even though the price was down
from when you first acquired it.

TK:  Absolutely, seeing the reasons and technical analysis taught by Oliver allowed me to invest even more
into the play with confidence that I would be well rewarded.

TWF:  So how much did you invest, and when?

TK:  The call was made for the Trade For Wealth members last summer when JDSU was near $10, and
following Oliver’s methods I was able to pick up another 8.8k shares around $9.58, and have been
riding my entire position ever since.

TWF:  Have you sold any of the position?

TK:  No, I believe JDSU will see mid 30’s to 40, and then I will liquidate a portion of the position and have
a trailing stop in place for the remainder of the position.

TFW: That will give you a seven figure profit, correct?

TK: Yes it will, and I am looking forward to that day since I will be donating half of all my earnings from
all the programs to charitable and religious causes.

TFW:  Are you trading full time, and have the programs helped you? 

TK:  I have done well as a business owner.  As of last August I sold my business and I am giving trading
my full attention.   I do believe that much like I did, anyone would benefit almost immediately from
the Trade For Wealth Program, the core principles are a solid foundation to building real Wealth.  The   
other programs have a solid set of core principles as well.

TFW:  Yes, you did mention you were in all three programs, have you found any benefit to being in the
Equity and Forex Master Trader programs at the same time as the TFW program?

TK:  I do feel that for me, the learning curve has been much quicker by being involved in all the programs
at the same time.  As I mentioned, there is a core set of principles that flows throughout all the programs,
so it is not like I have to learn a completely different way of thinking for each program, just the subtleties’.   
Actually, it is providing me with constant reinforcement of the key principles of trading, and seeing it work
consistently across all markets and in all time frames really builds confidence in the methods being taught.

TFW:  Do you have any thoughts you would like to share with anyone considering the iFT Programs?

TK:  I would like to share my thoughts and personal experience.  As I previously mentioned, I believe the
TFW program can provide and immediate benefit to someone wanting to work on a long term wealth
building portfolio.  The daytrading programs do take some time and experience to become proficient. 
The fact that the instructors are very clear about this in the free workshops and also in the trainings is
very refreshing.  I have heard many claims about day trading being the road to instant riches, and the
bottom line is that it requires hard work, experience, and as Dr. Dan always says: “time in the chair.”
There is a learning curve involved and it is steeper than most people think.   If someone is willing to
accept this and wants to become a trader, then in my opinion, the iFT programs are the best available
options.  They can be done on a full or part time basis; there is no minimum time limit to have to succeed,
and there is a one- time fixed cost for your education.  Once you graduate you have the potential to trade
firm capital without making a risk deposit of your own. The instructors are teaching and showing how to
implement the methods every day in the real time trading rooms, and the seminars held each month are
free – unlimited access to further and improve your trading education.  I view these programs as an
opportunity to own my own business with the freedom to work from anywhere at any time as long as
there is an internet connection available.  I have worked for three corporations and owned my own
business in the past and all without regret – but I really wish there had been opportunities like the ones
being offered by these programs many years ago.


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