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Following up on the amazing success of Oliver L. Velez’s Trade For Wealth Program, Oliver is introducing the iFundTraders Options Program. Oliver has long used options in his wealth trading to increase profitability. Oliver is now revealing his personal ways of trading these remarkably flexible financial instruments, including leveraged trading in a directional manner with a defined risk, buying stocks at a discount, creating sustainable income, and hedging a portfolio for downside protection. Oliver’s ability to demystify the vagaries of successful trading, by breaking down seemingly complex financial opportunities into simple, but potent events, which anyone can learn to identify, will lead you to becoming a successful options trader.

Whether you have no knowledge about options, or if you have traded options for years, this program will support you to be a more confident and profitable options trader than you ever thought possible. Oliver’s commitment to his students is that iFundTraders Options Program allows the members to find their own personal way to use options to enhance their trading.

Via monthly seminars, private live study sessions, private strategy sessions, videos, written articles, intraday trigger signals, special speakers, the Options Income Report Newsletter, and direct interaction with our Options Instructors, this program will give you the expert knowledge to make strategic decisions necessary to trade options profitably. As Oliver has found that repetition is an indispensable tool of learning, you will have unlimited retakes of the seminars and non-expiring subscriptions to the study sessions, videos, written articles, the Options Income Report and the intraday trigger signals. Being able to repeat the learning process without any impediments will lead to retaining much more of the information and knowledge.

Program Highlights:

- Master the basics of options and put options to work for you.

- Learn easy, step-by-step options strategies for increasing profitability with less risk.

- Be shown trade examples on how to apply what you are taught.

- Learn the safest ways to trade options and how to take consistent monthly profits.

- Understand how to value options and choose the right option for any market environment.

- Get the education you need to avoid the pitfalls, before you start to trade real money.

- Match your option trading strategies to your personal investment goals.

- Options will be demystified to start successful trading.

- Be able to immediately apply these techniques to your trading from day one.

Program Privileges:

• The best available educational seminar on trading the Options market, as we will teach you exactly what you need to know.

• Educational system, which can be successfully completed online.

• Developed and is being delivered by the incredible iFundTraders Instructional Staff.

• An exceptional iFundTraders Options Manual, developed specifically for iFundTraders, within our Options program.

• Unlimited online FREE retakes of the 2day Options training seminar.

• Non-expiring subscription to the Private Live Strategy Sessions

• Non-expiring subscription to the Private Live Study Sessions

• Non-expiring subscription to the Intraday Trigger Signals

• Non-expiring subscription to the Written articles and archived reports

• Non-expiring subscription to the Option Videos

• Special Speakers and Special Events

• Direct Interaction with the Option Instructors

• Non-expiring subscription to the Income Newsletter

• And more…

We will educate you about options from a professional's point of view, using plain language and simple analogies. Each iFundTraders Options Program Member will learn the skill sets necessary to capitalize on the unique opportunities that options bring to trading. Join now to increase your earning potential, heighten your trading knowledge and expand the flexibility of your trading. With the iFundTraders Options Program, we will teach you the skills necessary to make consistent profits.

Retakes – iFundTraders Option Trading Program students get free retakes of all iFundTraders Option training events free of charge.

*Program fee refers to iFT's proprietary training material only which is provided immediately upon payment processing. The instructional course referenced above, which accompanies iFT's proprietary training material, is included complimentary as a courtesy to members to assist with the academic assimilation of the training material purchased.