Prop Trading Account

*This program is not eligible to apply Member Reward Points

Following the amazing success of Oliver L. Velez’s Master Trader Program, Oliver is introducing the iFundTraders Pro Trader Program, offering traders the ability to work their way into trading millions of dollars in buying power, just like our full fledged iFT prop traders, but with the ability to get started with minimal expenses. iFundTraders and Oliver Velez are looking to empower the best entrepreneurial traders in the business. We have combined some of the most advanced technology with decades of experience to bring you the ideal trading solution for any aspiring startup trader. Our firm is passionate about teaming up with professional traders and up-and-coming ones too.

The iFundTraders Pro Trader Program is designed to help you become a profitable professional proprietary trader using our trading capital. Our starter program can provide you with what's needed to be a successful prop trader, including a time-tested trading strategy and method, daily live ongoing support, market/trade calls and guidance. We help you all day -- every trading day -- in our live trading room!

Our Pro Trader Program provides you with the professional trading platforms, trading tools and account funding you need to compete in today's market. This unique program will offer traders the ability to to work their way through the advancement levels and qualify to trade millions in buying power. With this new and unique opportunity, you will learn directly from our elite team of expert traders on how you can increase your profits every day and dramatically increase your consistency using our most powerful trading tactics while working your way into increased buying power.

Come and experience what over 4000 other traders have already discovered at iFundTraders, under the direct leadership of Oliver L. Velez, one of the pioneers of self directed trading. Join us today!

Pro Program:

    • Includes educational membership with unlimited retakes of the Equity or Forex 2 day course for 12 months

    • Includes daily access to the Equity or Forex live trading room for 12 months

    • Includes access to training course manual and supporting educational materials for 12 months

Pro Trading Account:

    • Professional direct access trading platform and trading tools

    • The ability to prove your trading skills at iFT, using our iFT Pro Trader Advancement Guidelines

    • Traders will have access to institutional commission rates.

    • Ability to begin trading at practice level and work their way towards a $2 Million account (Equity) or $12 Million (Forex).

    • Payout as high as 60% of net profits

    • Retain trading Pro Trader account privilleges indefinitely beyond the 12 months

    •Tuition Reimbursement Program – Once a student enters the live trading phase and becomes a professional trader for our preferred institutional trading firm, 100% of all profits are paid out to the trader until the entire educational fee has been reimbursed. Profit sharing with the trading firm begins after full reimbursement.