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IFT’s Self-Start Trading™ Program is by far the company’s most popular starting place for most burgeoning traders, largely because of its very robust educational component. This program was specifically designed to teach the trader every single trading tactic and strategy utilized by Oliver Velez in the market, making it far more complete than its predecessor program.  Its main purpose is a very important one, which is to be a complete first step toward the grand goal of trading the financial markets for a living or to be the follow-up step for former Kick-Start Traders. The Self-Start Trading™ Program is perfect for those who are serious about trading and mentally ready to learn from Oliver Velez everything he relies on and everything he believes a trader needs to be truly successful, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Self-Start™ allows for a trader who has successfully completed the training to receive his first level of seed-funding up to a maximum of $500,000 for Equity and $750,000 for Forex and earn 40% of all profits earned on that account, payable monthly. The one-time registration and set-up fee of $100 is waived for Self-start traders, however all traders are responsible for paying real-time data, trading platform (Fusion®) and membership fees, all of which are included in a single monthly payment of $125. This monthly fee is the only cost incurred as a Self-Starter and is substantially lower than most monthly costs levied on professional traders at other trading firms.

It should be noted that the Self-Start Trading™ Program, while being a mid-level level one, is still not designed or meant to be the final resting place for the trader. It is where the trader will take his educational knowledge of proper trading to a much higher, more complete level. The Self-Start Trader will be better equipped with the full knowledge of Oliver Velez’ trading methodology, increasing the trader’s odds of achieving enduring profitability. However, once a high level of consistent profitability has been regularly maintained over a period of time, and a good number of solid paychecks have been earned by the trader at this level, it is time for the next level, which will reward the trader with higher buying power and payout amounts. The time for this to occur is dependent on the trader and will be different for each person.

Educational Benefits:

Education is where the Self-Start Trading Program really shines, as it gives the trader access to all of Oliver Velez’s trading tactics and techniques in an on-demand format which allows to trader to digest the knowledge at his/her own pace. The benefits included in the Self-Start Trading Program™, all of which are designed to create a trader who is beyond the need for further trading education are:

    • Oliver Velez’ On-Demand Pro Trading Course - This is the crowning jewel of the Self-Start Trading Program. This powerful, 8-hour course, delivered by Oliver Velez himself, is complete with hundreds of charts, countless trading examples, useful anecdotes, quizzes and exams to ensure that the trader has been educationally brought up to par with Oliver Velez’ high demands. No tactic or technique used by Mr. Velez in his daily trading is spared. In this course, the trader learns it all. What’s more, it’s delivered in a self-paced, on-demand format which will allow for unlimited access 24-hours a day, 7-day a week. Everything is covered in the program, from: Identifying the most powerful trading bars and patterns to trade; when and how to exploit them for maxim gains; which moving averages to use and how to employ them for an extra edge in your trading; the proper use of trailing stops; the art of selling incrementally like a professional; when to buy into sharp declines and when to sell into sharp rallies; what times of day offer the greatest odds of trading success; which times to avoid like the plague; how to professionally trade breakouts, when to go with gaps in the morning and when to go against them. You’ll learn when a decline is a gift and therefore buyable versus a sign of trouble, and much, much more. The level of education offered by this course is intense but is intended to take the trader beyond needing any other form of education to make a living at the market.

    IFT’s Live Platform and Execution Training Course – In this one day course, the trader will learn how to use and navigate Fusion® the institutional trading platform used by all of Oliver Velez’ professional traders. Everything from how to setup charts, watch lists, and technical indicators will be thoroughly covered. The use of various market scans and position alerts will be covered along with how to run analytical reports on your trading results. Most importantly the trader will learn Oliver Velez’ famous Hot-Key Trading™ System and how to execute the various types of sophisticate orders placed by professional traders. This educational area alone takes the Self-Starter™ light-years beyond rudimentary trading methods of retail trading.

    Unlimited repeats of IFT’s Live Platform and Execution Trading Course - This course is given live bi-monthly and can be attended as many times as the active Self-Starter deems necessary.

    IFT’s On-Demand Platform and Execution Training Course –  The above training course, which is currently delivered live, online, is now available in a recorded, on-demand format. The Self-Starter will have unlimited access to this on-demand training course every day, 24-hours a day.

    Video Training Bank – Each Self-Start Trader™ will have access to a bank of training videos that cover every aspect of the Fusion® Platform and the various types of executions.

    Three Full Months of Daily Guidance in iFT’s Live Trading Room – The Self-Starter gains immediate access to the Forex or Equity live trading room (depending on the market chosen) where he/she will receive daily guidance from the lead moderators and mix and mingle with other traders in the program. Live trading together, with and amongst peers, can be a powerful, nurturing element to one’s trading. It happens here.

    Unlimited Access to Oliver’s Private Facebook Trading Colony – Each active Self-starter will gain immediate access to Oliver’s Equity or Forex Trading Colony on Facebook (which group will depend on the market you’ve chosen to trade). Here, in this powerful community, the Self-starter will interact daily with Oliver and many of his/her fellow traders. It is where many questions are answered, trades are shared and analyzed and lifelong friendships at iFT are made.

    Live Study Sessions with Oliver Velez– Once a month, all Self-Start™ Traders will gather for a full educational session with Oliver Velez to review the past trading period, identify errors, correct mistakes, and revisit core trading tactics and techniques. These monthly study/review sessions are very important tune-ups for the Self-Starter and will serve as vital battery charging events that keep the trader focused and on the right path toward proper trading development. For those who cannot attend these sessions on the specified date and time, each study session will be recorded and made available in the Self-Starter’s personal control center for later viewing.  This benefit alone adds a level of value to the Self-start Trading™ Program that cannot be quantified in economic terms. Any time spent with Oliver Velez is potentially life-changing for any and all traders, irrespective of their level.

Trading Account Benefits:

    90-Day Simulated Trading Period – This is where the Self-Starter puts his full education into  actual practice and starts to build the good habits that form the right foundation for consistently profitable trading. This training period which takes place with real-time market data will reveal the trader’s flaws and show what needs to be altered, corrected or eliminated in one’s trading approach. Much of the Self-Starter’s growth and promise will be developed and revealed during this training time. The Simulator Trading Period presents one major trading milestone for the Self-Starter™ to pass, a $3,000 net trading profit achieved with good trading statistics. Upon passing this all important milestone, the Self-Start Trader™ is ready to begin his/her professional trading journey and is granted a live, fully funded account along with a 40% payout on all profits earned.  

    Fully Funded Trading Account – This is where every trader what’s to get to, the point of live trading. Upon graduation from the Simulator Trading Period (see above), the Self-Starter becomes eligible to trade a fully funded account up to a maximum of $500,000 for Equity and $750,000 for Forex. The Self-Starter earns 40% on all realized trading gains, which are paid out monthly. Here the trader’s goal is to string together a series of consistently profitable quarters with the real account, demonstrating that he/she is ready for the next step in the professional journey with more capital and an even higher payout rate.  

    IFT’s Institutional Transaction Fees – All Self-Start Traders benefit from the firm’s institutional trading and commission rates. Equity Self-starters trade for 15 cents per every 100 shares traded. A 1,000 share trade would cost $1.50 in commissions. Self-start Equity traders also will receive rebates (payments from the exchanges) for placing certain types of specialty trades, another huge benefit for professional traders over retail traders. Self-start Forex Traders enjoy some of the tightest pip spreads in the industry and nearly no slippage to speak of.

The Cost:

The Self-Start Trading™ Program is the most popular way to start a a full, professional trading career, without having to layout tens of thousands of dollars. It is specifically designed for those who are ready to take trading seriously by taking on a fuller, richer more complete education. The cost to become a member is:

    Oliver Velez’ On-Demand Pro Trading Course - One-time fee of $1,497 for full, unlimited access to OV’s Pro Trading Course, complete with every trading tactic and Strategy Oliver Velez uses in his own trading.

    Registration fee – No registration fee for Self-starters.

    • Monthly Fee – A monthly membership fee of $125 is due the first of each month. This fee covers a variety of hard costs such as the trader’s live data feed, the licensing fee for the Fusion® Platform, the IFT monthly membership fee, along with several other small costs. This fee is substantially lower than the monthly costs levied by most other professional trading firms in existence today. For less than $4.50 per day (a Starbuck’s Coffee), the Self-Starter is in business, with a complete funding source, no needed upfront capital and the potential to earn thousands of dollars each month.

    •Tuition Reimbursement Program – Once a student enters the live trading phase and becomes a professional trader for our preferred institutional trading firm, 100% of all profits are paid out to the trader until the entire educational fee has been reimbursed. Profit sharing with the trading firm begins after full reimbursement.

Cost Summary:

    One time fee of $1,497 due upon sign-up for access to OV’s Pro Trading Course

    Monthly platform and live data fee of $125.