Self Directed Prop (SDP)

Independent Trading

Oliver L. Velez has announced a brand new Self Directed Program (SDP) offering traders the ability to work their way into trading millions of dollars in buying power, just like our full fledged iFT prop traders, but for only a fraction of the cost. The Self Directed Program is for traders who do not want or feel they need the education and support provided with the full 7 day Master Trader Program but still want access to trading capital. This program will offer traders a chance to work their way through the advancement levels and qualify to trade a funded account upon graduation.

Self Directed Program Includes:

    • The ability to prove your trading skills at iFT, using our iFT Trader Advancement Guidelines (with a brand new trading account, with zero profit and zero losses to start)

    • After proving your trading skills using our iFT Trader Advancement Guidelines, be allowed to work your way into trading MILLIONS of company dollars in buying power

    •Ability to prove your consistent trading skills, while working your way through our Level 1 through level 5 on iFT simulator account, then after achieving an overall Net positive account balance, graduate with a live funded account at level 4 with $75,000.00 of buying power to start!

    • These SDP accounts have a minimum one week promotion guideline, at level one, and minimum of 2 week promotions thereafter.

    • EQ traders will be able to trade stocks from 5-100 in price. FX traders will be able to trade 8 of the most common currency pairs, to start.

    • Every member will have the ability to get 100% of their Initial “SDP” Fees Reimbursed, before iFT gets any share of the profits, of which the trader is making in our live funded account.

    • 1st day of the 5day training lab is included, for those needing help in learning the trading platform.

    • Daily Online Trading Room Access is included for 1 month. (for those who would like to continue using the room, a monthly subscription rate is offered)